Why Samsung is losing to Xiaomi.

My thoughts on how Xiaomi has managed to beat Samsung and Apple to number 1 spot in Smartphones! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/mrwhosetheboss

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  • Oh snap we just hit 8 million!!! 😭 If you want my deep dive on Samsung's confusing Foldable strategy then check here: ar-too.com/my/fydyw/3oaUl4WH34afwJw.html&

    MrwhosethebossMrwhosetheboss3 أشهر قبل
    • 😂😂😂 nobody know about the mi display panel and speakers. What is the main problem of redmi note 10 series? buy it and check it out personaly. MainProblem 1) display color zigzag color vibrant in dark mode. 2) sometimes sounds become low even the volume up fully. 3) LCD display and even amoled also have low color contrast. So cant to view the words or image in sunny day. Thts why i love the samsung.. And challenge up about the camera.

      Da Khoidum GDa Khoidum Gأشهر قبل
    • Your are "Awesome" Sir ❤❤

      Vishnu CVishnu Cأشهر قبل
    • @Normal mode [GD] cause he is almost going to 9!

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    • Let's go! 8m! We can hit 10m this Year!

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    • Meaty

      Tirth PatelTirth Patelأشهر قبل
  • xiaomi is just worth it lol

    simon's lairsimon's lair4 ساعات قبل
  • the best reviews on you you tube by far. i love this guy.. so i don't get it. how a scammer contact me through Mrwhoestheboss channel? NO accusation.. just curiosity

    elad friedbergelad friedberg5 ساعات قبل
  • Se me rompió el teléfono Samsung lo siento lo tiene el tenico para repararlo

    Catalina LeonCatalina Leon7 ساعات قبل
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  • Meaty. 😀

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  • they are overtaking cause xiaomi phones are cheap chinese spy garbage. plus, phone companies that sell phones nag about buying xiaomi. "buy xiaomi its better". Plus most people are fucking stupid, they just see price and they buy, and those people are big masses, not less people that actually understand that in order to get good support and experience and privacy you need to ACTUALLY pay more. People dont want to pay more. So yeah, xiaomi is perhaps good on paper, but is still a shit compared to samsung. And no, samsungs ceo being in jail has nothing to do with brand or phones they are selling...so..apples and oranges. that comment is just there to make samsung look bad....to stupid people ofc.

    The SUNThe SUN21 ساعات قبل
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  • Mrwhostheboss be like: Samsung is too expensive Me: *sits on the couch with my Galaxy A21s that I bought for 80 bucks*

    SYMSYMأيام قبل
  • Nono, I didn't pause the video to read the words "meaty", why should I? ...Ok that wasn't funny at all now that I see that...

    SYMSYMأيام قبل
  • Using a Xiaomi device with pixel custom rom. You can't complain. I'm not upgrading for another year or two

    Sourav DasSourav Dasأيام قبل
  • Personally I would never buy a xiaomi phone. But there are a lot of people who only care about price and nothing else.

    Agumon5Agumon52 أيام قبل
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  • xiaomi start sprinting, samsung start walking but now xiaomi falling because miui bugs. im xiaomi user since 2016 and now im feeling xiaomi forgot they identity.

    im okim ok2 أيام قبل
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  • Meaty 😂

    SN0M4N GamingSN0M4N Gaming2 أيام قبل
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  • Pardon my French, but Xiaomi can suck my left one. I don't trust them at all, I feel like most of their phones ping home in a bad way, and they been known to just flat out steal patents and tech. I'll stick with Samsung, thanks.

    FermifireFermifire3 أيام قبل
  • meaty-

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  • Meaty 😎😏

    Michah HareMichah Hare3 أيام قبل
  • meaty ... only me? 8:59

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  • I'm such a sucker for Xiaomi phones yet USA's intolerance for any diversity of phones and Chinese phones just kills its chances to take off. Let people have a wider choice of cheap and great performing phones for effs sake! The entire mobile industry is literal spyware. You have less worries with the EU/Global ROM so just start sweating if you have a Chinese/vendor ROM on any of your phones

    Mada mada DaneMada mada Dane3 أيام قبل
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    Siddhant Suresh KumarSiddhant Suresh Kumar3 أيام قبل
  • It's simple, xiaomi knows that the world is full of poor people and only some people with money enough to be buying high end phones. But just because third worlders don't have the money, that doesn't mean they don't want good specs on their phones. When Samsung make cheaper phones, they make the worst possible shit they can while xiaomi creates phones with good specs.

    Victor ReisVictor Reis3 أيام قبل
  • Meaty.....lol. You got me there

    Stanley UmezuruikeStanley Umezuruike4 أيام قبل
  • Xiaomi is just a great tech company. They have so much to offer, phones, electric go karts, electric tools, etc. And all at a cheap price. I don't think anyone could compete with them, not in anytime soon

    Avarro MorettiAvarro Moretti4 أيام قبل
    • Great at stealing patents and tech from other phone companies. Fuck those fools.

      FermifireFermifire3 أيام قبل
  • Xiome kill samsung

    Technical SiddhuTechnical Siddhu4 أيام قبل
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    NirvanNirvan4 أيام قبل
  • I've been in China for 11 years but haven't bought a Chinese brand phone yet... Why? One reason is no Google services... You can get Korean versions of LG an Samsung or get a phone from Taiwan or Hong Kong. I don't care about rooting or wondering which Chinese phone can install Google or can't. IP68, headphone jack, OIS!!! Even Samsung's new midranger A52s has those things. Sorry Xiaomi, I don't care how fast your phone can charge and I don't care about gaming either 😏

    MANASYtMANASYt4 أيام قبل
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    Dhruva Kumar K BDhruva Kumar K B4 أيام قبل
  • "Meaty"

  • Samsung Flagships are just expensive in general.

    Mitch MurdockMitch Murdock4 أيام قبل
  • Alot Americans don't even know xiomia is🤷

    Rashawn SandersRashawn Sanders4 أيام قبل
  • Premium phones command premium prices in premium markets. Xiaomi is trying to be a disrupter, remember HTC. Price sensitive markets will have to do for now.

    TradermanTraderman4 أيام قبل
  • I have xiaomi and I never have better phone for small price very fast phone💪

    I m a legendI m a legend4 أيام قبل
  • my 1st phone is xiomi...back in 2015

    chiranjeev pramanikchiranjeev pramanik5 أيام قبل
  • Meaty (I always do this)😅

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  • "Meaty", yea i paused the video HAHA

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  • Samsung yes...CovidCCP Hell no! US won't let 'em in. Nobody should.

    martin fossmartin foss6 أيام قبل
  • I was gonna scroll past but autoplay started and he bursts on screen with a bloodied knife. Amazing.

    Probably BenProbably Ben7 أيام قبل
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  • More interesting question is: Were is apple?" 😂 They tottaly lose maybe two/three years ago.

    Yuliyan IvanovYuliyan Ivanov8 أيام قبل
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  • Here in the U.S. Samsung has no competition, no Xiaomi or any brand like that available in the U.S. carriers.

    Armando ProblemasArmando Problemas8 أيام قبل
  • Got Xiaomi 9C a week ago. Entry level. Fantastic product. Goodbye Apple and Samsung. RSA

    Avicci MmxAvicci Mmx9 أيام قبل
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  • Meaty :D

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  • I got my hands on a Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 for £369 in the UK. What a tablet! 120Hz refresh rate, the loudest quad speakers that are even louder than my laptop. Meanwhile an equivalent Samsung is asking for around £500 if not not more. I don't regret my purchase as its worth every penny.

    Momo JarwanMomo Jarwan9 أيام قبل
    • Should I contact adm too?

      Paul EmenikePaul Emenike4 أيام قبل
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  • You can very well see the lack of employees when you actually use a xiaomi phone for more than 2 weeks as your main phone. There is a terrible software development process. The fact that every phone needs its miui release to be tweaked for that phone combined with the low amount of people available and the enourmous amount of phone they release makes every xiaomi phone I've had full of bugs. I can't remember them all, but I'll list some of them. Mi 5 and Mi 9, proximity sensor triggering randomly, making it impossible sometimes to even listen to a WhatsApp audio. Mi 9 Google Pay not working for over a year after release (after I contacted Google and they had to fix their app to make up for a problem in the miui). MI9, Apps in background disappearing, for over a year (never fixed actually) and I couldn't even report any bug on the MI9 because the bug report feature was bugged. I can't remember the bugs on the poco f3, but I remembered that even with you ram mostly free it used to close games you put in background even after 5 seconds, you couldn't even answer a message, making it useless as a gaming phone which was what it was mainly advertised as I think. Also some low light video quality that I think was worse than that on my old Galaxy S4. I don't see you talking about these bugs and no other big reviewer either... I don't understand why, I might have missed some videos where you actually did, but I'll try to contact you because people don't know about this problem and they get frustrated when the phone they buy has big problems that they haven't heard about anywhere.

    ErnaldoErnaldo9 أيام قبل
    • *Plus I Open bracket VI I II Close bracket II V V VII Vll Zero VII....*

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  • Exynos is a joke, especially for that price. Perhaps that's why.

    Andrei VladAndrei Vlad9 أيام قبل
    • *Plus I Open bracket VI I II Close bracket II V V VII Vll Zero VII....**

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  • the issue with samsung is that they don't have any more value than the other android phones. Apple Iphones are good because they have the ecosystem and best social media compatibility. Samsung used to be the most reliable android phones, this isn't true anymore and they still don't have any better support for social media than any other android phones.

    _Dust - GFX_Dust - GFX9 أيام قبل
    • They are still the most reliable ones, have you seen chnise phones? They all lose performance over a year also their cameras get worse by updates i dont know why that happens. Xiaomi pumps phones everyday no love or care goes into any product that means no specific bug fixing updates. Samsung sends speficif updates for their a series phones even tho they are the cheap ones. Market is filled with copy cat chnise phones.

      MitMit9 أيام قبل
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    Sashwin Rau Nageswara RaoSashwin Rau Nageswara Rao10 أيام قبل
  • It all comes down to PRICE. Samsung phones are too expensive, OVERPRICED. It has come to the point where Fold 3 costs 3000 euros? Is that normal? I would rather buy a used car than a phone that costs 3000!!!!!! This is why Samsung is falling. Yes yes yes they have their midrange but why would I buy a midrange Samsung for the same price of a highend Xiaomi? :))))))

    Daniel MaxterDaniel Maxter10 أيام قبل
    • Your example is a bad one; samsung doesn’t want you to buy their foldables because even though its so much better now but still its not a idiot friendly phone that means only enthusiasts who can afford them should buy them otherwise average customer would complain because they used it wrong.

      MitMit9 أيام قبل
  • i wasn't impressed with the Samsung S20 4G version. the horrible Exynos chip, the less than impressive macro camera (my S7 could take better macro shots with more detail) and the fact that my connection f**ked up after the latest update was the final straw. i bought the Xiaomi Mi11, a little more expensive than the S21, but had 4 times more stoarge, a proper SD888 chip and just tired of Samsung in general was why i switched.

    StaelTekStaelTek10 أيام قبل
    • Xiaomi software is so buggy for my experience; most features are so power draining not optimized if not implemented by Google. Hope it wont happen to you

      MitMit9 أيام قبل
  • Hey but you can easily turn off the ads on the xiaomi phone

    stenmarkus ritsosonstenmarkus ritsoson10 أيام قبل
    • Samsung promised they would get rid of them for you with android 12 updates and they wont have a hidden switch in settings like xiaomi

      MitMit9 أيام قبل
  • Meaty

    SamoRaySamoRay10 أيام قبل
  • You win, you begged me enough, I subscribed.

    Nathan GaddyNathan Gaddy10 أيام قبل
  • wow cool

    asjguy.mp2asjguy.mp210 أيام قبل
  • Dont even compare the sh!t Samsung with Gold like MI!! One line why Samsung phones suck are the UI hangs whether you buy an INR20K Phone or INR90K Phone. While INR10K Phone from MI does not hang at all. No more research required.

    veeras2020veeras202010 أيام قبل
  • Meaty

    demidemi11 أيام قبل
  • Xiaomi is cool but here in east Africa samsung is winning big time. Their winning has alot to do with quality, pricing and a small kenyan company called MKOPA. Fun fact mkopa just expanded to central , west and south africa.

    david ulisidavid ulisi11 أيام قبل
  • Oh their not losing xaomi is oh you all will find out soon

    JUST YASHJUST YASH11 أيام قبل
  • give us exynos in international s21? we go buy xiaomi

    Chris NgChris Ng11 أيام قبل
  • Meaty

    Ash chandAsh chand11 أيام قبل
  • I love playing asphalt 8 I saw it in your video Arun brother

    KUMAR_VELKUMAR_VEL12 أيام قبل
  • My Redmi Note 7 and Poco X3 still going strong lol

    Depressed 9GaggerDepressed 9Gagger12 أيام قبل
    • Hmm 🤔 I am still using mi 3s from 16 aug 2016

      Raj RavalRaj Raval57 دقائق قبل
    • Still using my Redmi Note 7 and no complaints so far

      Paul EmenikePaul Emenike4 أيام قبل
  • Meaty

    KUMAR_VELKUMAR_VEL12 أيام قبل
  • I've only had samsung phones since 2010. Last year, because of the pandemic, I tried to save a little money and bought a Xioami instead. It looked great, worked great and I didn't even realize the transition from Samsung to Xiaomi. But after only 9months, my screen went black. I can't go to the service center because of the lockdown. I ended up buying a samsung S20+. With the money I spent on the xiaomi, I could've bought an ultra. Maybe I'm just extremely lucky that I got a bad unit but never again will I buy a china phone

    JYPmina_ penguinprincessJYPmina_ penguinprincess12 أيام قبل
    • I used my mi Max 3 for about 3 years now going strong. Likely a bad unit or a loose cable

      Mada mada DaneMada mada Dane3 أيام قبل
    • My wife's Redmi 8 had same experience after 14 months but my Redmi note 7 is going 3 years now and no complaint

      Paul EmenikePaul Emenike4 أيام قبل
    • That’s the xiaomi experience

      MitMit9 أيام قبل
  • real reason is samsung stopped trying they took the piss out of apple but slowly copied them on top that flag ship phone used to be around 500 mark but with each release they bummed prices up 50 to 100 each time when its not worth it most phones very similar these days so why pay 1200 when you can get another companys for like 400

    UnboxLinkUnboxLink12 أيام قبل
  • Hahahaha, trying hard to propagandize cheap chicom tech.

    Pier DelectoPier Delecto12 أيام قبل
  • Please make a video about good lightweight phones (like Xiaomi 11 lite 5G NE …) :)

    Michael G.Michael G.12 أيام قبل
  • Samsung takes away external storage extension, switches to plastic back in flagships and has weird slow sonic under display sensors and younsay s21 is better than s20? I don’t see this. Samsung S10e was a good one, reliable side Fingerprint sensor, light etc, but now …?

    Michael G.Michael G.12 أيام قبل
  • Meaty 😭😭

    faTal1193faTal119312 أيام قبل
  • And xiaomi products are weak for durabillity test from jerryrigeverything

    Shaista IkramShaista Ikram12 أيام قبل
  • And sometime Internet id wrong

    Shaista IkramShaista Ikram12 أيام قبل
  • And on Internet you must be always careful it will be fake I mean not true

    Shaista IkramShaista Ikram12 أيام قبل
  • But don't make Samsung fans sad but still Samsung is popular then apple and I hate apple so much

    Shaista IkramShaista Ikram12 أيام قبل
  • HOW? Xiaomi copied the iPad's app switcher and Huawei's pretty much everything! I prefer Samsung.

    SMFB7SMFB712 أيام قبل
  • Crap and bullshit content no one even watches LMAO

    Trending Ringtone HDTrending Ringtone HD13 أيام قبل
  • So the screen quality is just as good as Samsung, super amolod is my go to quality

    suzanne duffsuzanne duff13 أيام قبل